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The Rest of My Life is About to Happen

They say that

“by the time you are in your mid twenties, you are pretty much who you are going to be for the rest of your life.”

The. Rest. Of. Your. Life. That, my friends, is a long time! So in response to that thought, I have compiled a small something that I can’t help but ponder nearly every day:

Things I hope will stay the same:

– The realization that life isn’t in my hands – there is something Greater that is making all of this work and i’m just here for the ride.
– The sense of gratitude that I have recently found in relation to the new life that I’m living. I seem to overwhelmingly understand that things could always be worse. Even when your brakes fail. On a Monday. On the way to work, And you don’t have the money to fix it. Reread the first item mentioned above. It’s not in my hands.
– Teaching is something that keeps you young … and so old at the same time. I’m the youngest on the team and nearly the youngest in the school and yet- the students think even I am ancient. Oy.
-Being nice isn’t overrated. Raised as an honest “yankee” – I have the gift of being honest. It’s brutal sometimes, really. But I have learned that there is a time and place in a professional world. As for the weekends, I’m going to be me. Consider yourself warned.
-Friends come and go … but the good ones that are meant to be in your life, will be there. I can’t believe I have been so fortunate to find such a crew that is full of love, excitement and wittiness in this new life that is now mine. I truly couldn’t be happier.

Things I hope will change before it becomes permanent:
– I won’t continue to have secret fears of certain adventures – I’m going o continue to let go and live a little.
– I want to stop thinking that just because I’m dedicated to work, I’m an old hag with no life. I know it’s not true, I’m active but I know there is MORE to living than this.
– Sooner or later, hopefully sooner, I would like to make the realization that I will be able to meet the demands of my bosses and not have to give my life to my career. I have spurts where dedication is overtaken by a desperate feeling to breathe. I’m hoping I learn to let go a little before teaching gets the best of me.

As you can see, the positives outweigh the things I wish to change. And there are so many more to add, but I don’t care to jinx things such as relationships with potential “ones” and relationships with family.

Unemployed Graduates, Oh My!

A lot has changed since my last post. I went from being a jobless college graduate living in Ohio to an EMPLOYED teacher for the state of South Carolina! I have a house, a “new to me” truck and haven’t stopped smiling since I got here in March. The “single” status remains, and to be honest – I couldn’t care less. I’m loving the freedom! Although I haven’t posted anything on here lately, I have been keeping notes on life the past few months and I can’t wait to hash through it and let you all learn and laugh at me.

So here is my first of many lists of 10. The first is – What not to say to an unemployed graduate …

1. “Have you gotten a job yet?”

I’m sure many unemployed people can sympathize with me here. I got really great at the fake smiles acting like I loved the question – when really, deep down all I wanted to shout was “If I DID have a job, don’t you think I would have to EVERYONE by now?!?” I seriously considered making a t-shirt for every day of the week that said “no. no job yet…” just to avoid the conversation.

2. “You are going to be a great teacher (or fill in the blank here)”

Now this might make me sound cocky – but yes, I’m well aware I will be a great teacher. I’m not doubting that. I’m doubting the people in the interviews and my interview skills. Not my teaching abilities. Trust me, a 4.0 in all my classes and 2 years of student teaching experience make it nearly impossible for me to doubt my skills. It did however make me doubt bigger things …

3. “God has a plan!”

There is nothing wrong with saying this – or telling a discouraged person this. I often say it to others as well – and I truly do believe it. Looking back, every interview, every let down and every awkward moment that occurred while living with my brother and sister-in-law got me one step closer to what I wanted. However, this can’t be the saying that is the go-to line. I noticed it was pretty much the fallback for everyone when they couldn’t come up with anything else to say. Sure it served as a reminder that God DOES really have a plan – but I spent (and still spend) a lot of time telling myself that. There has got to be another line to use. For example – when I had an awful day, Big Brother’s line was “Wanna go get ice-cream?” which always was followed by a nod and an understanding silent thought/understanding of “I get it – your day sucked, but tomorrow is a new day and it could always, always be worse.”

4. Sooooooo, have you met anyone yet?

In short – no. but seriously – consult number one above. Maybe I could wear alternating shirts. One that read “no. no job yet.” and the other would read “no. no man yet.” I will say that many of my girlfriends back home are worried about the fact that I haven’t dated in 1.5 years … but there is no way I could’ve concentrated this much and made this much happen in the last year in a half if a man had been involved. No offense. I’m stubborn. And independent – and need to do it all myself first. Long story short though – the south must be wired differently. Contrary to what many around here believe – I did NOT move here to “find a husband” … don’t be ridiculous.

5.”You need to go shopping/treat yourself etc.”

Maybe it’s just me – but not having an income depleted my entire ability to spend money. Did I want to go out and buy a new shirt? Or, who are we kidding, a nice bottle of wine? Sure! The desire to spend money was there – but the desire to NOT spend money was even more present. I moved to SC in March – and subbed in the spring – so that helped tremendously – but if I had spent any of the money I made during those two insane months – there is no way I would’ve made it financially. Between the used car I had to buy, a truck rental to get my stuff down here, down payments and first months rent in the new house – these are all quick ways to go broke – and I’m counting down the days to my first REAL paycheck! (whooooohoooo!) And you better believe I’m going shopping when that check is deposited!

6. “Are you losing weight?”

Yes – I’m on the “TSTE diet (too stressed to eat). No it’s not on purpose. No I don’t enjoy it but seriously – stress depletes my appetite. There isn’t anything that can be done either. My brother often asked me “Did you eat today?!” to which I always said yes and showed him the dirty bowl from the cereal I forced down. I’m not saying it’s healthy – it’s not. And I’m looking forward to being hungry again! I’m thinking this will happen around November – the stress level for the first year teacher jitters are totally gonna get me.

7. “You can always come home, ya know …”

Having moved 9 hours away from everyone – if I had a bad day everyone was quick to say this. It got to where I stopped updating everyone on the rough moments/days. I hated the reminder that I could come home. That’s not what I wanted and I felt as though my friends and family were justifying me running away from rough moments. That’s not even remotely an option – never has been nor will it be.

Okay – that’s all I’ve got for now! Just some food for thought when you are talking to the unemployed graduate in your life. Yes, we are young and bounce back – but stay positive and non-corny if you can 🙂

I’m a yankee … there I said it.

The day I arrived in South Carolina is the day that I realized that I was different. And not in an admirable good way. I was brutally honest – and everyone here seemed to keep their mouth shut or beat around the bush, at best. I drove the speed limit (if not 10 over) and down here – everyone is on a Sunday drive EVERY day. I have also learned a few new sayings and words – such as buggy, pocket book and “full as a tick” … which refers to how much food you’ve eaten as you get up from the “supper” table. I also can’t seem to get used to the ma’am and sir that is attached to everything – now this isn’t a bad thing. However, I don’t like someone to my elder to be calling me ma’am. Its simply weird. 

This week, I am going to have my first date with a “southerner” and I think I’m more worried for HIM than anything else. I am as straight forward as they come – and I’m not used to men who hunt, fish and drive bigger trucks than they need. But down here it’s standard! Thankfully “love” and “like” is a universal language! 🙂

The things you learn from a 9 hour drive …

So yesterday, i had the pleasure (and displeasure) of driving 9 hours to my new home. I moved from the currently cold and snowy Ohio to the currently “already spring” South Carolina. Of course, on the drive down, since it was myself and the pup – I had the radio on for nearly the entire drive. I do this so I stay awake – and I’m the only person I know that can get in a car alone and get out of it 9 hours later with NO voice. Ok, so maybe I sing EVERY song that comes on to the radio – but it keeps me happy and awake. With that being said, the songs “Say Something” and “Team” both are played too often for enjoyment. More importantly though, I soak up 9 hours of music and … wait for it … NEWS. Yes. I love feeling smarter at the end of the day and thanks to the radio – I learned ALL kinds of stuff. Here is what I learned – some on my own and some from the media:

  1. There is a fungal infection that is affecting the Mammoth Cave bats. Its incurable – and the people in the area will slowly start to see more insects. (Thank goodness I’m not those people!)
  2. When making a big move such as this – your brain never stops. ever. You are constantly thinking “What the hell did I forget? I know there is something …”
  3. There is a new drug on the market. It’s called gravel. And it looks like, you guessed it, gravel! It’s often transported in soil of plants and argued that it’s fertilizer. It’s a mix of bath salts and meth mostly – it also makes people extremely paranoid .. apparently. 
  4. It’s funny how 4 hours in, you begin to process what is actually happening. And then the tears finally come – even if you aren’t an emotional person and are happy about moving.
  5. There is apparently a man out there that has eaten nothing but pizza for 23 years. uhhhhhh- i love pizza and I love cheese – but seriously?
  6. All of the Russian Medalists from the Sochi Olympics received a large sum of money AND a mercedes. What’s funnier is that the 15 year old ice-skater also received a driver for her car. How cute.
  7. The Oscars are going to be streamed live for the first time ever. um. yay?
  8. It’s always awkward getting checked out by truck drivers, old men in big f-150s … or really anyone in general.

I know it’s only 8 things – but I sang A LOT too! Plus – my mom, grandma, dad, brother and a few friends called on the drive down. It was very eventful 🙂

9 Things my Bestie’s Boyfriend should know

There is going to come a time that I will no longer be the go to person for my BFF. I will no longer be the shoulder she cries on, or goes and gets chicken nachos and margaritas with. I want that man to know that when the time comes – I’ll pass the torch to him – if, and only if, he deserves such responsibility. So, with that said, THIS is what YOU need to know.

  1. Love her. I don’t mean say “I love you.” I don’t mean make her feel beautiful. I don’t mean make her breakfast in bed. I don’t mean surprise her with small gifts when she doesn’t hint of it. I mean do ALL of this- without complaining or making it appear as if it’s a nuisance in any way, shape or form. That’s what love is. 
  2. Laugh with her. My bestie loves to laugh and laugh with people. She is goofy, gives in to gravity more than the average person and will break out into a song and dance at any given moment. With that said, enjoy it! Do these things with her (well maybe not the falling part…) and laugh with her as these moments happen. These moments will soon be cherished memories.
  3. Forgive her. This best friend of mine likes to live in the moment and give all shes got at all times. This is often a blessing – but if you are the least bit stubborn as she is – this can prove to be a challenge at times. So – forgive her for all her efforts when she crosses a line or makes an obscure suggestion. You, sir, will do this too – so roll with it and forgive. 
  4. Admit that you don’t know it all and you’re not always right. My bestie has quite the brain and she is right about a lot of things. If she is dating you – there must be some potential match of IQ here. Don’t make this a challenge (unless you’re playing trivia related games!) Instead, use her to your advantage. Welcome her knowledge and don’t be scared that she knows more about something than you do. You will be smarter about other things – so let each other have the moment when it’s deserved.
  5. Give her space. Yes – you guys will have that “honeymoon phase” as every couple does – where you do no wrong and neither does she. But that will tarnish – and living and breathing every second together will become unhealthy (and mundane, in my opinion). This is where you need to know that it’s normal. No – you guys aren’t drifting apart. No – you guys aren’t having problems – you guys are actually growing. And you will continue to do so if you give my bestie the space she needs. This doesn’t mean avoid phone calls and texts. Nor does this mean go MIA for a few days. This means she is going to go get her hair done and do a target run just because – while you sit at home playing video games or tinkering away on projects in the garage. Space is part of being a couple. Accept it, embrace it and enjoy it. 
  6. Be honest. My BFF has not been conditioned to be lied to. If you know me at all, you are aware I’m honest with her about everything i.e. – her see-through leggings BEFORE leaving the house, how awesome (or not so awesome) of a hair day she is having and laughing about our over drinking at the last game night … BUT – as her new man and my replacement – you need to be honest with class. Be polite but truthful. You can be brutal every now and again – because you’re human and it’s bound to slip out – but for the most part, usher the truth to her with a sense of humor.
  7. Compromise. Often times men (and women) confuse compromise with changing who they are. If my BFF is looking for you to consider a compromise – consider it. Don’t shut her down but don’t just agree either. If you think it’s not an appropriate compromise, throw another idea out there. This routine goes both ways. I know my bestie well. You compromise and she will do the same – often times sweetening the deal for you. Lucky you!
  8. Have a plan … most of the time. My darling best friend needs to have a plan. And answers. That’s human – to a degree. And some of us are more laid back than others – but no one likes to be kept in the dark. Keep in contact – communicate and if you are planning a surprise you better have a damn good cover story. Spoiler Alert: She WILL ask, prod, quiz and demand – be ready and have. a. plan.
  9. Be part of the family and accept her family. Her parents are my parents too. They are great and supportive people. If you put in the effort – so will they – as will I. If you hurt her – we will all make it clear that YOU screwed up. Especially me. I may be her BFF and a girl .. but I’m also like the big protective brother she never had. I’ve scared off boyfriends in the past – and I won’t hesitate to do it again. 

If you are rolling your eyes at any of this – you are not meant for my bestie. You are not my replacement. Why? Because loving her, enjoying her and appreciating her isn’t work. It’s a gift and it’s a pleasure. I’ve known her since the 2nd grade … Love her as I do and you’ll understand.

Daily Post: GroupThink

Ok – so the daily post requested that we write dialogue between two people (not including yourself) and it will be a challenge .. and also something new. here goes.

Coffee Shop Couple


Girl: scrolls through online ads and personals… thinking to herself “how embarrassing…Great Aunt Hillary was right”

Guy:scrolls through online ads and personals … thinking to himself “if mom asks me if I have a special girl in my life one more time …I’m gonna snap…”

Month- April: at a quiet coffee shop: the first meeting

Girl: walks in, hesitates in the door, texts her friend “i’m here. if you don’t hear anything in 2 hours .. report me MISSING and possibly dead.”

Guy: already sitting, reading a book in the corner but facing the door, so he’s not caught off guard

Girl: eyes wander – sees and older man and hopes. that can’t be him…then she catches a glimpse of the real him. And starts to sweat. He is much cuter in person, she thinks to herself.

Guy: noticed an abnormally pale girl glancing around the shop… her eyes are looking at me. crap. this is it – do I wave? do i get up? I could act clueless and deny that i’m me .. no.. that’s harsh.

Girl: “Hello. I’m hoping you’re the one i’m meeting …? Otherwise, I’ve been duped by an old man!” and nods her head towards the grandpa figure in the corner.

Guy:”Well surely he doesn’t utilize the web as we have … but indeed. It’s me. It’s nice to finally meet you in person!” oh geez, he thought, I already sound creepy .. we’ve been texting for like, 3 days, IF that.

Girl: “it is! … So… umm… is this weird for you too?” Oh no! I just said that out loud. I really need to work on that. ugh.

Guy: “Well .. i’m sure for some people this isn’t weird. But for me, since you asked, this IS totally out of character for me. I guess I just thought, at this point, why not?” crap. crap. crap. I sound desperate. or lonely. or both. well .. i tried, I guess.

Girl: squints her eyes, turns her head to one side and laughs. “Well, at least you’re being honest! This isn’t my cup of tea either! Speaking of which, I’m going to go get one!” Wow. I sound like an old woman – drinking tea. great. he thinks i’m a prude already. 

Guy: watching as she walks away, he grins. well, that’s a good sign. no, great sign! she is getting tea – to drink- here! Not to go! That’s a start. She is starting to regain color in her cheeks … that’s good too. 

Girl: walks back over with a steaming mug in her hand. “ok, where were we? still at the awkward phase of introductions, right? How about we skip that .. after all, we DID already talk about that online, right? Do you have any other life statements you need to tell me before being yourself around me …?”   whoa .. what is wrong with me? It’s like i’m cutting to the chase… but for what? it’s an afternoon date for coffee. 

Guy: “ya know, you mentioned something about being honest and forward all the time. I liked the sound of that …” oh no, i said liked … as in … i don’t like it now. crap. “it’s a nice change of pace! I’m not used to women being honest”… and now she thinks I have severe baggage. man. i’m really f***ing this up.

Girl: laughs again and taps her fingers on her cup. Not in an impatiant manner, just in a thinking manner. “yes, I try to warn people about that. sometimes it’s nice being honest. and sometimes it sucks. lately, it’s made me think i’m simply too picky. but i still have hope.I mean, you responded AND met me for coffee. it can’t be that appalling yet, right? then she thinks to herself, You just wait dude, you’ll have enough of the brutal honesty if we actually get to the dating phase of this. Whatever this is. ***mental sigh*** if i could be honest with you now, i would say that your socks don’t match. and you should’ve worn a belt with those jeans. speaking of your pants .. they sit nicely on your hips… why didn’t you mention you were in shape…?

Guy: thinking and staring back at this girl … why is she staring at my shoes … and my .. uh… hips? yeah, we’ll go with hips. surely she isn’t sizing me up already. that really changes the way I saw this going. Whatever this is. **mental sigh** shouldn’t we be talking right now …?

Girl: “So … how do we get past this awkward first meeting?”

Guy: “well i suppose, we make plans for a second meeting… It’s gotta be better than THIS, right?” **nervous laugh 

Girl: “is that your way of asking me out..? on a second date? did you plan that conversation…?”

Guy: “how did I plan it? you started this conversation – it’s hard to plan a conversation that I didn’t start …”

Girl: “ok … you got me there. it just sounded so .. put together. but that settles it. I would love to go on a second date with you. this was fun! call me soon …” OMG. what am i doing? I just got here and I’m telling him goodbye so I can get to a second date. i’m a MORON! my friends are going to have a heyday with this story.

Guy: is she leaving…? so much for having coffee with her. but she said to call her. ugh women. they are so HARD to understand. he glances up, and she’s gone. 


October of that same year: the same guy and girl walk in to the coffee shop .. but this time- holding hands.

Girl: “awe, honey! do remember that first date we had here..? so cute!”

Guy: “first date?” he laughs.” THAT wasn’t a first date – that was two people awkwardly staring at each other trying to figure out what the other had lied about online …! you left me sitting there .. with two cups of hot tea 3 minutes after you walked in!”

Girl: “I know. you were cuter than i was expecting. i needed to gather my wits.”

Guy: “that’s cute. it takes wits to date me…?”

Girl: “indeed it does. but that’s something i’m capable of. i’m glad we made it to our second date, dear”

Guy: “i’m glad we made it to THIS date” he grins and thinks to himself – finally, i’ve found one I can take home to mom.


According to Pinterest .. my house is gonna be AMAZING!

So I got to looking at most of my boards today on Pinterest … (interesting concept- I normally just pin, pin, pin and forget!) And although most of my boards are public and have to do with teaching .. I DO have a few secret boards. (shhhh.. roll with it … it makes me feel exciting 😉 )

Anyway, I found a board I started about a year back – and I’ve been adding to it here, and there, ever since. The board is called “This House Won’t Happen On a Teachers Salary.” (Hey – at least I was being honest when I started pinning this crap!) But as I was saying, I got to looking, and this supposed house of mine is … well… AWESOME. Hypothetically speaking of course. Take a gander for yourself and tell me you don’t agree 🙂

PS – when I pinned these dream items, apparently my thought process was “go big …or go home” … how appropriate!

  1. Spiral Staircase/Slide Duo: YES – they do exist… and since I’m really a child at heart … how could I live without it? Oooh, what’s that you say? it’s a $15,000 plus project …? Yeah, that’s how you live without it!
  2. Swing-Set Table – again – I’m playing the kid at heart card but seriously! This is great 🙂 And I can see the benefits of it for kids (or adults) or just can’t sit still! They also make them with bench style seats that swing .. maybe its more adult oriented but I’ll stick to comfy seats, thank you! Now I know most of you are rolling your eyes and saying it’s not practical – but life is meant to be lived and maybe I want to do it in a swinging motion!  $12,000 smackeroos and it’s yours!
  3. Beach Sand Under Your Work Desk – ok now THIS .. is doable. I figure a hundred bucks – heck, 50 bucks can make this happen! Yes, by vacuum will hate me. Yes, I’ll have sand on my feet. BUT – wait for it – I’LL HAVE SAND ON MY FEET! And my feet will be smooth without a pedicure… and the can you imagine the thought flow of sitting there with your feet playing in the sand…? This is happening at some point in my life. Most likely long before or long after small children are in **ahem** invade, my house!
  4. UnderStair Storage – genius. Need I say more? also .. if it’s not used for storage – it will definitely be used as a dog hideaway – because every dog deserves his own getaway spot in the house! (and according to that guy in the link – it only put him back $130 bucks! Plus the dog of course!)
  5. Beach Themed Fire Pit – okay – if you aren’t catching my hints here, I need BEACH in my life. Maybe not daily – but the feel of it needs to be around on a regular basis. So that’s why items like this exist! And hey … if it’s only a 2 minute youtube video – it can’t be that difficult to make right?!
  6. Underground Spiral Wine Cellar – now I don’t even own a wine rack.. but that’s because wine doesn’t last THAT long in this house. But check these things out! I simply can’t imagine the price to put one in, (OMG, $30,000), much less the price to FILL it. I would be that girl that fills it with water bottles and hopes it turns to wine 😉
  7. Hammock over the stairs – this IS happening(too) … when I get a house. Correction – when I get a house with stairs that I’m NOT renting. I love my naps – and what better way to nap than like this…? And seriously – it’s a genius idea for that dead space anyway!
  8. Digital Window Shades – yes – ridiculous and expensive, I’m sure (I won’t even bother looking that one up!) but I love natural light – but I also LOVE privacy. This is best of both worlds.
  9. Sliding doors – Not just ANY sliding door. Check these out! It’s a mesh between barn doors and …. well .. I’m not sure. But I like it. No. I love it. And no more doors swinging open and hitting people! (ok, so I was traumatized at an early age… but, still – these deem necessary!)
  10. Cool storage in the kitchen – Yeah, this deserves better naming but I don’t know how else to explain it. It looks like normal kitchen cabinets but the items slide out – this would literally make me stay organized. If not – all my kitchen garb would fall out every time I tried to get something out of one of these contraptions. 
  11. Mini-Door from Garage to Pantry – No – I’m not lazy and no, this isn’t necessary. But none of these things are. I just think it would be neat. Or slightly creepy – if you have a fear of trolls.
  12. Vacuum in the baseboards – Name me one person that can get that hairline of dust/dirt/food completely off the floor and I’ll agree this isn’t necessary. But until I figure out the secret – I’ll sweep and act like I have these baseboards.
  13. Old Fridge turned into an Outside Cooler– I don’t think this needs an explanation AND it doesn’t appear to be that pricey! 
  14. Trampoline Swing– Those are two of my favorite things married into one genius idea. This just might have to happen too!

Ok – this is where my “board” ends. Looking at it now – I can see how my pins from a year ago (when I truly was dreaming) have matured into pins that are more “doable” and affordable. Either way – will I ever have all of this? No. Do I need all of this? No way. But a girl can dream!

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